Storytelling is the Key

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To have the most success in any job or business venture you need to be a good public speaker. If you understand the simple concepts to tell a powerful story you will be more influential than 90% of the speakers and influencers out there. Be completely comfortable on stage or in the boardroom by being able to tell a compelling story. Master influential storytelling with Story Magic.

Tell a compelling story and get comfortable speaking and persuading others

The creators of Story Magic have been performing, speaking, and teaching for over 50 years combined. They have been on stage over 5,000 times and have trained hundreds of 6 figure earners to speak on stage. They have studied the art and science of what makes a speech or presentation the most captivating and engaging to your audience; whether you are selling a product from stage, from the boardroom or even to a boss.

You are as powerful as Tony Robbins! People just don’t know it yet.

How do you become more persuasive, make more money, and become an influencer? All you have to do is follow these 3 rules:

  • Be Entertaining

  • Be Compelling

  • Always have a Call to Action

Story Magic delivers all 3 in 1

We show you how with:

Story Magic

Transformational Storytelling Training

Storytelling is an art form that has been used by great writers, directors, and speakers for centuries. It can make the difference between being memorable or forgettable. You'll learn how to use storytelling techniques that famous authors use like Stephen King, JK Rowling, Dan Brown - plus movie directors like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppola - so it's not just theoretical but practical too! Once you've mastered these techniques, you will be able to use them in real-life situations such as speeches, pitches for investors, or just connecting with friends and family. We break it down into a simple process in this workbook.
  • Connect With Your Personal Message

  • Identify Your Core Story

  • Turn It Into a Transformational Presentation

Simple Framework For Creating Powerful Presentations

Wrap your information in a story to make it interesting and memorable. We don't think in numbers and letters. The human mind remembers in story format. Take advantage of this interesting nuance of human psychology to transform your audience.

Easy Format For Developing Persuasive Stories

Epic stories are transformational. That's why, when you leave a great movie, you feel like the hero. It's easy to write an epic story with the Story Rollercoaster. We introduce you to this amazing tool and guide you through your story writing process. Instead of just sharing concepts, we take you on a rollercoaster ride to lock in your understanding.

Get Your Audience to Act

Because they experienced your epic journey, your audience is dialed in to being the hero. They are ready to take action and follow your guidance. This is classic persuasion, not manipulation.

What you get:

Story Rollercoaster

5 Master Steps to a Powerful Story - Communicate effectively and drive your audience to action

($100 value)

Story Blueprint

5 Simple Steps to Craft Your Own Speech - Craft an easy to digest message in only 5 minutes

($50 value)

Story Secrets

5 Master Tips for Telling a Great Story - Make your message memorable

($50 value)

The Full Story Magic Workbook - $200 Value

For the first time ever, get all 3 trainings in 1, easy to follow, self-guided workbook. Get the full Story Rollercoaster training along with the Story Blueprint and Story Secrets as one. See how they work together to create the ultimate story training and start on your path to become a master storyteller.


  • Increase your Income

  • Lead from the Front

  • Inspire your People

  • Leverage Yourself



Telling a story is an easy way to become comfortable with speaking in front of people, which can also improve your performance. Speaking up and telling stories about yourself helps build connections among the audience members while making them feel closer to you. It's like being friends or sharing interests through conversation!


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