Story Magic provides everything you need to tell a compelling story, just like best selling authors and the great directors of blockbuster movies. This video training is a companion to the Story Magic Workbook.

Now as awesome as the Story Magic Workbook is, a lot of customers have told me that they'd love to have even more tips and examples that they can use, so they can create a powerful story that will drive their audience to action.

And so I've done exactly that because the more




You receive, the BETTER the story you create. And the more opportunities you’re going to have.

Now, ordinarily with Story Magic you would go through the workbook on your own

But Today!

I’m offering a special one-time VIDEO TRAINING upgrade that’s going to give you a GUIDED WALK-THROUGH that will EXPLAIN THE EXERCISES IN DEPTH.

That means that if you upgrade now, you’ll get 15 TRAINING VIDEOS (5-15 minutes in length) with BRETT AND BOBBY who will GUIDE you through your story creation process to really make you STAND OUT on stage!

Instead of letting you muddle your way through the workbook resulting in a mediocre story, you watch as Brett and Bobby craft a story from Bobby’s personal experience. Recorded live so you can really hone in on the story creating experience.

With this upgrade, you're going to get more clarity on the processes in the Workbook.

Plus, you’ll get an in-depth explanation of the Story Rollercoaster, to make it easier to understand and ensure you’ll never forget this amazing tool for crafting engaging stories.

Common Mistakes

Now, I know you chose Story Magic, because you want a super easy way to create engaging stories. We’ve notice that people who exclusively use the workbook, tend to experience some common pitfalls. These mistakes, though small, can make a huge difference on how your audience receives your message. This can be very costly when motivating your audience to make a financial decision.

  • Setting up the story without Key Information

  • Not properly identifying the Villain

  • Putting wrong emphasis on the Pit

  • Picking the wrong Guide

  • Missing Powerful Breakthroughs

  • Call to Action is Missing

With the Story Magic Video Training upgrade, you get:

  • Setup your Audience to Engage - $15 Value

  • Pick your Dynamite Villain - $25 Value

  • The Power of the Pit - $50 Value

  • Find your Perfect Guide - $30 Value

  • Breakthroughs that Convert - $70 Value

  • Call your Audience to Act - $25 Value

That's a value of over $200!

The Story Magic Video Training available to you for a ONE-TIME, LOW PRICE of $97

This video series (with MP3 download) is a companion to the Story Magic Workbook. It provides a guided walk-through of the workbook and explains the exercises beyond what you get in the book and much more.

Get the whole package - $915 Value

  • Setup your Audience to Engage $15

  • Pick your Dynamite Villain $25

  • The Power of the Pit $50

  • Find your Perfect Guide $30

  • Breakthroughs that Convert $70

  • Call your Audience to Act $25

  • $97.00

    $97.00Story Magic Video Training

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