Every guide starts out as a hero. It is on the hero's journey where they learn the skills needed to covercome trials and win the day. You have been on a journey that left you a changed person. What is your message for other, would-be heroes out there?

A lot of customers have told me that they wish they had a system to help them figure out what stories they should be telling to get the most engagement from their audience.

And so I've done exactly that because the more




You have, the MORE POWERFUL the message your story conveys. And the more your audience will identify with you.

In the Companion Course: STORY MAGIC Learn how to make your stories POWERFUL and ENGAGING


I’m providing you a special VIDEO TRAINING offer that’s going to give you INSIGHT on how to connect with YOUR AUDIENCE by getting clear on your MESSAGE.

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Instead of telling stories that, though engaging, don’t align to you, or even each other, you will learn how to tap into your purpose to craft a consistent message that will resonate with your customers, audience, or tribe.

With this training, you're going to learn how to make your stories work for you.

Plus, you’ll get clarity on who you are as a person, speaker, or business to start attracting the people who resonate with you and want to learn from you.

Common Mistakes

I know you purchased Story Magic, because you want a super easy way to create engaging stories. We’ve notice that people who exclusively rely on their storytelling skills, tend to experience some common pitfalls. These mistakes, can make a huge difference on how your audience connects with you. This can be very costly when trying to grow your following.

  • Unable to recognize your value

  • Don’t Own the Message

  • Can’t identify your audience

  • Fail to ask yourself the right questions

  • Won’t listen to your audience

  • Not having a marketable message

With the Message Magic Video Training, you get:

  • Identify your Power - $15 Value

  • Find yourself in your Message - $25 Value

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  • Feedback is King - $70 Value

  • Draw a Crowd - $25 Value

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This video training (with MP3 download) is a companion to Story Magic in the Speaker Magic training series. It provides the foundation that every speaker must have to be effective at connecting with their audience with an arsenal of tools to make the greatest impact.

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  • Identify your Power ($15)

  • Find yourself in your Message ($25)

  • Know your Tribe ($50)

  • Questions the Matter ($30)

  • Feedback is King ($70)

  • Draw a Crowd ($25)

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